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The Digital Dentistry Institute is the creation of a select few exceptional dentists that came together in 2016. Their desire was to identify how they could build a teaching entity that is designed for not only the betterment and education of dentists but one that would be committed to the understanding of technology and its role within the field of dentistry and facilitating the growth of doctors that practice within it. To that end, brought upon by the original idea of Dr. Sundeep Rawal, Dr. Bobby Birdi, Dr. Saj Jivraj, and Dr. Sundeep Rawal created the Digital Dentistry Institute.

Digital dentistry, of course, does not exist on its own as a separate space in dentistry; it works in tandem with other tools to improve the ability of current dental modalities. Oral implantology being one of the most impacted and improved by it. Given that, DDI decided to identify which institutions it should pair up with to build the foundation of its education. The Pacific Institute for Advanced Dental Education along with Allon4doctors™ were identified and approached to merge with the Digital Dentistry Institute, and as of January 1, 2018, the three entities became one.

The Pacific Institute for Advanced Dental Education was originally created by Dr. Ron Zokol, a dentist from Vancouver, Canada, who received his diplomate from the American board of oral implantology in 1996. Shortly after Dr. Zokol collaborated with Carl Misch as a surgical instructor for oral implantology at the Misch International Institute, where he taught for 10 years. Midway through his teaching there, Dr. Zokol decided to start his own educational institution in Vancouver, which has continued to be a highly sought-after place for training in oral implantology to this day. In addition to practicing at the highest levels of implant dentistry, Dr. Zokol has been successfully developing his education and providing training in oral implantology for the past 30 years.

At the end of 2014, Dr. Bobby Birdi joined Dr. Zokol’s as an equal owner of the Pacific Institute. Since that day Dr. Birdi has brought his unique experience as a dual board-certified specialist in both Periodontics and Prosthodontics in both Canada and the United States to the development of the education at the Pacific Institute. Much of the content the Digital Dentistry Institute teaches related to Oral Implantology is a combination of the education and experience of both Dr. Birdi and Dr. Zokol.

Allon4doctors™ was created by Dr. Saj Jivraj, who is a world renown prosthodontist based out of Oxnard, California. It was founded on the premise that providing clinical and scientific knowledge to dentists via online and hands-on learning makes education globally accessible, efficient and effective. The Allon4™ is a very technique sensitive procedure and requires attention to a myriad of details. Allon4doctors™ was designed to provide the education that would address all the intricate items of this therapy. It has been Dr. Jivraj’s believe that through collaborative exchange more patients will be treated efficiently, predictably and at a higher level. Dr. Jivraj has stood out as a global educator in full arch dental treatment, providing exceptional results not only within his own practice and career but also with the participants who have taken his programs.

As of January 1, 2018, the Pacific Institute, Allon4doctors™, and the Digital Dentistry Institute merged to bring the highest quality of training in all aspects of dentistry with the smartest minds focused on the future of digital concepts within the profession. In addition, the Digital Dentistry Institute has already created a team of faculty, which consist of the strongest leaders in the dental field that are recognized as key opinion leaders in the industry.

There has never been a group like the Digital Dentistry Institute before. We are bringing the best and the brightest together, we are taking their experience and knowledge, we are recognizing their invention and innovation, and creating a community that will be the hub to advance dental education globally.

We hope you are excited because we are.

Growth & expansion

Immediately following the merger between the Digital Dentistry Institute, the Pacific Institute for Advanced Dental Education, and Allon4doctors™, the Digital Dentistry Institute immediately unrolled a North American curriculum initiative totaling over 32 courses within Canada and 24 courses within the United States between January 2018 and June 2019. In addition, global programs have been created for India, Malaysia, and Mexico for the same period.

To fulfill the growth strategy of the institute, DDI has simultaneously developed its faculty by bringing on the top key opinion leaders in the industry. There has been overwhelming support and interest of the top minds about joining DDI and what its committed to creating in the industry. You can see on the “Key Experts and Contributors” page the leaders who have already joined the team at the Digital Dentistry Institute. Our intention is to continue to grow our faculty such that we can provide training where it is needed globally and by the highest level instructors.

One of our most exciting new programs is called our “The Ultimate Full-Arch Live-Surgical Destination Training Program”. This is where we offer live surgical training to doctors interested in ALL-on-X treatment, with the options of doing ALL-on-X, Allon4™, Trefoil™, or Zygomatic therapies. There is no other program like this, and we are committed to the training and development of dentists to offer this as a treatment option regularly for their patients.

In addition to our current portfolio of courses, DDI is also working on expanding and bringing our courses to Australia, Continental Europe, London, China, Korea, and South America. Program development has already started and we can expect to begin expansion as early as mid-2019.

Course development is a priority for DDI. We are currently in the process of developing brand new programs involving the latest technology in digital dentistry. Many items we are working on have not been seen before in dental education. As the world moves forward technologically, the dental industry cannot be left behind. We are the only institute/group/team, that is ready and able to bring advanced comprehensive dental education into the future.

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