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Yoga is One Way to Improve Your Oral Health
Posted on 10/20/2018 by The team at DDI
What if I told you that doing forward folds could help you have fewer cavities? Or maybe downward dog could reduce your risk of developing periodontal disease? It's true! There's more to good oral health than regular cleanings in our office, brushing and flossing daily and eating the right foods! Yoga is good for not only your mental health and physical health; it's good for your dental health too! Yoga For Oral Health One of the ways that yoga is good for oral health is that some yoga poses increase salivation. As you may be aware, our own saliva is beneficial in protecting our mouths from harmful bacteria which can lead to decay and disease. It rinses the mouth, which removes that bacteria as well as small food particles. When your mouth is dry, bacteria grows even faster. Yoga poses done with proper breathing techniques can actually help your body produce more saliva. Try a twist or a forward bend, if you're feeling daring, use the wall and practice an inverted pose. All of these poses stimulate the salivary glands and can help prevent the mouth from drying out. Improve Your Posture Practicing yoga improves your overall health. As you grow your practice, you'll start to notice that you listen to your body more; you'll start to see the positive effects of being in tune with your health. One of the positive changes that come from practicing yoga is an improved posture. Poor posture can not only hurt your back, neck and shoulders, it can have a negative effect on the jaw. This can eventually lead to complications like Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) or even misaligned teeth. Yoga For Whole Health Finally, practicing yoga reduces stress. Stress can translate in oral health to things like grinding or clenching teeth or even nail biting. Stop by or call our office today for some other pointers on what yoga poses you can try to improve your overall health. Even your mouth!...

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