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CORE 4: PRF Workshop & Live-Patient Implant Surgery

This course is the natural progression from our CORE 1, 2 and 3 programs. It consists of three days, with the first primarily focused on advanced PRF protocols. The remaining two days will be focused on a review of pertinent information, live-patient implant training, and group discussions, both pre-surgery and post-surgery. Dentists who have taken the CORE 1, 2 and 3 programs will be able to put into practical application the knowledge that they received. Dentists can bring one patient each and incur the costs of materials used. Should a dentist like to bring an additional patient there will be an additional charge.

Platelet Rich Fibrin is a technology introduced by Dr. Joseph Choukroun and researched by Dr. David Dohan in 2006. Refined protocols such as PRGF (Anitua, E) and L-PRF (Miller, R) have enhanced the technology, each claiming superiority. This has led to misunderstanding and confusion. Current third party research has evaluated and concluded on the advantages and disadvantages of each system. This program will assist in understanding each protocol and dispel any myths and misconceptions. It will also instruct on proper clinical applications of PRF and introduce you to the most advanced procedures in this field, including "PRF Block" applications.

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PRF Workshop & Live-Patient Implant Surgery

MAY 3 - MAY 5, Montreal, Quebec

PRF Workshop & Live-Patient Implant Surgery

JUL 19 - JUL 21, Toronto, Ontario

PRF Workshop & Live-Patient Implant Surgery

DEC 6 - DEC 8, Vancouver, British Columbia

PRF Workshop & Live-Patient Implant Surgery

JAN 10 - JAN 12, Montreal, Quebec

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